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The biannual ISBA judicial evaluation is an anonymous, advisory poll conducted by mail during every election cycle. It is sent to all ISBA members in the circuit or district from which a candidate seeks election. Licensed attorneys who are not members of ISBA, or any attorney outside the circuit or district, may also request a ballot. Opinions expressed in the poll are of those attorneys who chose to respond and do not reflect the opinion of the Illinois State Bar Association, however the goal of the poll is to provide an objective, unbiased review of judicial candidates who are seeking office by those attorneys who work with them every day. Candidates must receive 65% “yes” responses to the question regarding “Meets Requirements of Office” in order to be “Recommended." Judge Foley was "Recommended" during the last advisory poll, and received the highest marks of all judges evaluated in St. Clair County.

Judge Foley Announces Candidacy for St. Clair County Circuit Judge

BELLEVILLE (February 1, 2022) – St. Clair County Associate Judge Patrick R. Foley announced his candidacy for Circuit Judge in the upcoming 2022 election.

Foley was appointed to the bench as an Associate Judge in 2019 and brings over 3 years of judicial experience to his campaign for the vacant Circuit post. He has worked family, criminal and juvenile dockets within the circuit.  Judge Foley is currently in charge of a family law docket, which is one of the busiest, and most contentious in St. Clair County.

“No one works harder than Judge Foley.  He is literally the first one at the courthouse every morning.  He is from St. Clair County and has spent his career working for the people here,” said former Chief Judge, John Baricevic. “His ethics, respect for the bench and judicial experience make him the ideal candidate for the job.”

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Foley has been praised by attorneys from all sides in various anonymous judicial review surveys for his fair and well reasoned court rulings, his pleasant demeanor and his overall courtroom decorum.  His overall rating from the last Illinois State Bar Association poll was 96.23% approval.

When asked why he was interested in the circuit judge position, Foley stated he wants to change some people’s perception of the judiciary by working hard and maintaining the highest level of ethical standards.  “That is what St. Clair County residents deserve,” Foley said.

Prior to his appointment to the bench, Foley owned a law practice in Belleville and practiced in St. Clair County  for 17 years.  He resides in Belleville with his wife and children.

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